VideoPad is a great, free video editing program.

You can download the full version here .

VideoPad allows you to edit video, add effects, and even use keyframes to create animations!

This is an overview tutorial that takes you through the basic elements of the software, but the best way to see what this software can do is by playing – adding png of gif images over video, adding text and effects.

One cool thing the new VideoPad can do is Keyframing.

Keyframes are points on a sequence that determine what changes will occur to an image, sound or video over time.

For example, if I want to make my picture move over my background, I go to Video Effects, Position, and I change the position of the image at various points over time using keyframes. Below is a quick video I made of using keyframes to make doge float across screen. You can use keyframes with all the other effects too Рzoom, rotation etc.