STEM Video Game Challenge

We are entering this national competition to make a game

Game making requires collaboration and integration of a lot of varied and different skills
This is partly why we are doing it to develop a large project as a team

Game Design


Character Development


Aladdin Sane.tif

Aladdin Sane.tif

David Bowie’s Labyrinth Adventure

what we have:
a pacman maze like memory game

your character (david bowie) tries get through to his creative placethrough the maze

there are very few clues on how to navigate the maze at first
luckily(!) a band of enemy business-suits are trying take away his creativity, these suits reveal the maze and terrain around them and they are naturally attracted to mister bowie

So in a way David needs the suits although they will suck out his creativity if they come too close

The aim is that David lures the suits for his own purpose. Getting them to reveal the way without them sucking all his creativity

He has 3 chances succeed

assets that we need:
david bowie
foliage and other bits and pieces
makeup kit

matthew: chief of game design

jaxson: senior project pfficer character design

thomas /omri : major and minor sound design

deagon: intro graphics

daniel coding: love 2D

anyone else want to take part?