Retro fitting a old joystick/controller for modern games

This project is set to retrofit an old joystick/controller to work as a flight stick for pc flying games.


The system will use an arduino Teensy to make it pc compatible, a 16 Key Alphanumeric Keypad for mode selecting, One OLED display to show the mode, one Ir control kit for media control and a Saitek X36 joystick to house it all.


The arduino Teensy is able to nativly act as a Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick and a Midi device. the teensy will be connected to a rewired Saitek X36 joystick. Extras will be added later, extras may include an OLED display


To Use:

Saitek X36 USB Gameport



Teensy 3.1




Thumb Slide Joystick




Optional stuff:


128×128 Pixel OLED Module



IR Control Kit



USB Panel-Mount B to Socket – 1 ft version\




Already have(Dont need to buy):

16 Key Alpha Numeric Keypad




Information links:

Using teensy as a joystick