Newsletter 22nd November 2015

Next week is the exhibition!

Wednesday 25th November from 3.30pm @ Nightcliff Library

There will be lots of people there from the greater Darwin community and it’s very important that participants are supported by parents attending the exhibition
Please feel free to invite friends and family!

We have popped up much of the material on the website, have a look

As a part of this project we have already interviewed most participants but we want your feedback as this evidence will be used to devise future youth technology engagement program not just in Darwin but nationally. Sheila Scutter from the University of South Australia will be in Darwin for a few days and we have organised a parents focus group, this Saturday 21st of November at 9.30am,  it’d be great if parents /careers could attend and give her their thoughts and feedback

Wednesday 18th: Class

Saturday 21st: Class and Parent focus group

Wednesday 25th: Exhibition from 3.30

Wednesday 2nd December: Pizza and gaming night! (Note: NO Saturday class)

pizza+If you have a preferred game console bring it along!



Our 3D Printer is almost ready for lift off



“House of Tech” : showing ingenuity, creativity , patience and perseverance

This exhibition is designed to be a showcase all of the things that we have done over the course of the program
This includes:

  • coding: HTML C++ and javascript
  • image making
  • electronics
  • game creation
  • video production

Group Projects

The Nose Knows
Breathe on this nose and get an honest reply (it never lies!)
Covered in real human hairy warts (sort of donated by participants) this is one disgusting probiscus

Cane Toad Squash
Come and stomp on the dreaded toad and see what sounds it makes


Forest of Secrets
speaker making (and mounting)
recording of secrets
preparing the installation


Game production
“An amazing game” : Our STEM game entry


pixel ART
making 32 16 pixel images (it’s hard to work with these constraints!)
converting them to number arrays, that 1s and 0s !
displaying them on the LED board (through an arduino)

Projection Mapping
making elements for face to be mapped and controlled by our very own robot



Individual work





Continuity of the Program
We are looking to keep some form of youth technology classes running in 2016, we’ll keep you informed!

Below is a graphic of preparing young people for their futures that we feel reflects the ethos of the current program.
We want the young people in the program to be guided by continuous self mediated learning

We could all do a lot worse than prepare kids for the future like this:






Corrugated Iron Youth Arts

Corrugated Iron empowers creative young people across the Top End to engage in the arts as participants, performers and audience members. Our program includes training and skills development [drama, circus, creative technology], performance projects [theatre seasons, festival performances], creative schools program [work in urban, regional & remote schools with curriculum, performance showcases, assessment]. There are many ways to get involved. Check out how at