LÖVE – Free open source framework for making 2D games!!


Hey yo! Remember Tuesday when we played with Love 2D?
Well here’s a link to the Love 2D wiki page

click the link below


Love 2D was a great exercise that allowed you to test games and change values that would affect your game to make it more personalised.

Love 2D required you to follow 3 steps: download your code, edit your code and finally play your code.

Want to do all three things at once? Then its time to try out new websites like http://thecodeplayer.com and http://www.playmycode.com/play to edit games on the go using JavaScript. Give them a go!

You can now experiment for yourself with tutorials on how to do other cool stuff.
but just to refresh your memories…


^^^ this is a link for the hamster ball code

if you want to do it again and practice your new skills here are some things to rememember






another really cool thing about LOVE 2D > you can make your own games totally free!

you can also check out tutorials on youtube heres a link to a pretty good one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZBAxKoJEec