HTML: Adding a List

There are three main types of lists that can be created in a HTML document: an “un-ordered list” (ul), an “ordered list” (ol) and a “description list” (dl).

<ul> To make an un-ordered list (a list displayed in bullet points). These type of lists are used to list a set of related items that have no particular order of organization (e.g. milk, butter, bread, etc).


<li>coffee beans</li>

<ol> To group a set of related items in a specific order (e.g. cooking instructions). HTML displays an ordered list in number format.



<dl> To make a description list that has name/value pairs. They are used to define events in further detail. Description lists use groups of <dt> (for name) and <dd> (for value).


<dd>A white, liquid diary product.</dd>
<dd>A baked food made of flour or meal.</dd>