HTML: Adding a Website Link

The <a> tag is the main tag to be used to allow your website user to click on a link that will take them to a different website page. HTML links can be absolute addresses (external documents) or relative addresses (links to other pages within your website).

<a> Makes any text written within the opening and closing <a> tags to become clickable text that takes you to an absolute or relative address. The <a> tag can be wrapped inside entire paragraphs, lists, tables, pictures and even entire sections of HTML. The <a> tag has some of the following attributes:
  • href=”” – this attribute has to be used inside an <a> tag to allow the text clickable to take you to a particular website. In this example, the attribute is made so that the <a> tag would take the webpage user to
  • title=”Extra information about a webpage” – this attribute allows you to include extra information about a link. This attribute is useful in some browsers which show the information inputted as the value as a tooltip when a website user hovers over the link with their mouse cursor.



<p><a href=””>Opera Software</a></p>