cleaning pc

Got an old computer that’s not running right?
Come in for a digital grease and oil change, or follow the steps below to DIY




cleanliness is next to…..
Tidy data and delete all unnecessary files
On a laptop move files to an external HDD
On a tower consider having 2 HDD: one for operating system another for your data
Clear temp files browsing history etc

Do all of this with ccleaner (the free version!)
or disk cleanup utility: system/tools/ disk cleanup


Get Rid of Unwanted Programs

Uninstall software you no longer use.
If you don’t know what something is ‘Google’ it or leave it (to be safe)

Control Panel/Programs and Features

uninstall program

Clear Registry

What is the registry?
Use CCleaner to scan for and fix issues.


Disable unnecessary startup apps

To improve Windows’ boot time. (ccleaner /start menu)
this is a crucial step as we don’t want unnecessary stuff running in the background


Browser Addons & Plugins

Make sure you delete all those crappy toolbars and serach helpers

Put in an ad blocker (firefox or chrome) stop ads on youtube and other websites

Update windows

Windows should be updated regularly, you can set this up to happen automatically or do it manually.

windows update

Set Up Free Security

(antivirus /firewall/ anti malware)
Run an anti malware program like Microsoft Security Essentials to scan your computer for malware producing error messages.
Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials
Make sure you have a firewall on
windows firewall
zone alarm

Don’t forget the nuclear option!!

Reinstall Windows to start over from a clean slate. If you’re using Windows 8, use the Refresh Your PC feature.
Check for hardware problems if you continue to experience blue screens or other PC problems after reinstalling Windows.

Restore point and backup

When the computer is finished and just how you like it, please make a restore point