arduino: open source micro controllers

Arduino is an open source community micro controller that can do almost anything! That’s a big claim…..but it’s true
Basically arduino is a way to move from a computer into the real world, so stuff just doesn’t happen on the screen but can turn on a light, activate a motor, take data from the world like through switches and sensors.

There is a world of projects and applications out there but we need to start with the basics. But first a sneak preview of some cool projects
Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.14.25 am


Programming the arduino with temperature and humidity sensors. One participant hacked the code to get a temperature anf humidity sensor working on an LED display board. AWESOME. An perfect for darwin (we will post a howto and the code soon!)

here’s a few links to projects:


singing plant


The first thing we need to do is switch on an LED, this simple task makes you break out of your computer and enter the real world

Have a look at our small projects