Arduino Lights

arduino: open source micro controllers

Arduino is an open source community micro controller that can do almost anything! That’s a big claim…..but it’s true
Basically arduino is a way to move from a computer into the real world, so stuff just doesn’t happen on the screen but can turn on a light, activate a motor, take data from the world like through switches and sensors.

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This code turns on and off LED lights


// LED code with switch
const int pin13 = 13;
const int pin12 = 12;

void setup () {
pinMode(pin13, OUTPUT);
pinMode(pin12, OUTPUT);
pinMode(2, INPUT);
pinMode(3, INPUT);

void loop () {
if (digitalRead(2) == HIGH) {
digitalWrite(pin13, HIGH);
Serial.print (“red LED on”);
if (digitalRead(3) == HIGH){
digitalWrite(pin12, HIGH);
Serial.print (“yellow LED on”);

else {
Serial.print(“the switch is really really off!!!!”);