This project is presented by Corrugated Iron Youth Arts in partnership with City of Darwin librariescorroDEP-logo

The Program

We are running an innovative program of learning and engagement for young people aged 10-15 and 16-20 with ASD (autism spectrum disorder)

Parents are welcome and we’d like their support and attendance.

The program is a research project organised by the University of South Australia to explore how ASD young people engage and respond to original leading edge education programs.

Ages 10-15
These classes are fun and engaging and will offer a smorgasbord of topics including:

  • building robots
  • creating web pages
  • running minecraft servers
  • making video
  • using 3D printers

Classes will be tailored to the participants interests and reflective of their abilities and needs

Ages 16-20
This age group will have the option of completing a certificate IV (so can come out with a qualification that can be used for finding employment or ongoing study) or can just take part in a youth tech engagement experience. A lot of the material will be online, but classes will also be packed with fun stuff involving IT mentors and activities

How it Works

We are running 2 separate classes; one for ages between 10-15, the other for ages 16-20

The group will meet up one day per week for a 2 hour session at Nightcliff Library but are also expected to work at home to complete tasks for the project.

The idea and ethos of this innovative program is to create a nurturing supportive environment to teach participants through a variety of ‘hands on’ technologies. Parents or carers are encouraged to be involved in the program and will be given information support on living with ASD family members. They will also be involved in parts of the learning program to help facilitate the young person’s learning and engagement.

The young people’s version – please share it with your child.
What is this?
A project for you to have fun, be creative and explore technology in all shapes and sizes – animated gifs, web-based stuff, robots, games, communication – let your imagination run wild!You will be offered a range of things to check out but can also tell us what you like, use and want to learn about. We will also set it up so you can keep working on things at home if you want to!You will be working in a group so we have be respectful and nice to each other. You can do your own individual projects as well as working with others.We are keen to share the things created in the workshops – please let us know if you want to share your creations.This project is being run by Corrugated Iron – who work with young people and the arts including technology – and Darwin Libraries – who are excited be hosting this project at the Nightcliff Library.

How We Operate, (or our philosophy!)

we are a youth engagement project providing an opportunity for participants to explore, collaborate and share activity using technology.

The program is participant and project driven meaning that the focus of the weekly workshops is on using technology in creative ways, and that there will be mechanisms in place to support continued work outside the workshop times. Participants will be encouraged to initiate ideas, propose technology areas to focus on and have the opportunity to pursue individual projects and work collaboratively.

We will build a group dynamic that operates in an inclusive way and supports adventurous involvement and respects individual interests. The format is set up to be responsive to participants interests and needs whilst offering a range of technologies to explore and engage with.

Code of Conduct
To ensure that the group operates comfortably and effectively there is a code of conduct in place. Participants and facilitators will be respectful of others and maintain a supportive environment. This code extends to visiting artists, parents and other guests.
The Digital Enterprise Workshop should be an environment where participants feel they can express themselves and take creative risks.

Intellectual Property
whilst everything created remains the property of the creator, we are keen to share what we make over the course of the program. This will happen with permission of participants and people may choose not to share some of their work.

Program Team
City of Darwin Libraries and Corrugated Iron are project partners delivering this project in Darwin which is part of a national project being run by the University of SA. Both Corrugated Iron and Libraries have a commitment to providing opportunities for young people to learn, engage and collaborate.

The Research Part

This is a new program and will be researched to see what impact it makes on participants directly but also the family as a whole. We are obviously hoping for benefits (or we wouldn’t be doing this!)

Each participant will be interviewed before commencing the program. It will be more like a friendly chat.
More information can be found on the Digital Enterprise Project website

If you have any issues or concerns contact us and we can chat about it

How to Apply:

You can apply directly to the project here

contact Justin Schmidt at the Digital Hub for more information:
0408 573 821

contact Cherie Vance from AutismNT

Nightcliff Library
Class times and dates to be announced soon (But they will be outside of schools hours, in fact tell us when it best suits you!)